Local Landscapes: Jonathan Mulvaney

Dates for next event to be confirmed

A landscape painting that has been painted outside is an exceptional manifestation of time and place.

Bradford-on-Avon based Jonathan Mulvaney started painting 20 years ago after a long career creating sculptures, ranging from portrait commissions to monumental urban landmarks. ‘Making public sculpture is complex, lengthy and involves lots of individuals having an input into the outcome. Painting plein-air, by comparison is immediate, visceral and a lot of fun.’

'The elements which come together to make it happen combine the heart, head and hand of the painter, with an emotional and formal response to the view, all underpinned by the sense of place and its qualities. On top of this you have the weather conditions, changing light, plus all the events that can occur whilst working in the landscape. You can’t get more local than this.'

Jonathan says: ‘When I look at plein-air paintings I do my best to appreciate the painting as an expression of the time and place, and as an event of making that is keenly tuned through local conditions and the artists understanding and skill. To own a local painting is a complete statement that holds out against the ever-homogenising visual world and makes a stand for the unique nature of local.’

The exhibition runs from Friday 29 March until Thursday 4 April and is open daily from 10am until 5pm. Over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend Jonathan will be demonstrating his painting technique outside the Malthouse Gallery. 


Event location

The Malthouse Gallery

The Town Mill
Lyme Regis