Superficial: Tilly Jardine

Dates for next event to be confirmed

The gallery's formal programme this year starts with young local artist and talented musician, Tilly Jardine.

Tilly says: “I am thrilled to finally be sharing some of the work that I have created over the years. Art and music have played such a huge part in my life, and I truly believe they have shaped and grounded me. Initially I found my passion for a paintbrush at school, until I entered adulthood. Consequently I had to pause my creative journey to focus on my then 9 – 5 job. In 2021 I ran into some health issues. This gave me the opportunity to recover in a peaceful environment and stimulate my creative mind all over again. Since then I have not spent a day without painting, doodling on a restaurant napkin or staying up till 2:00 am to finish my 6th canvas of the day.

I am so excited to share my art with you all, and see where this takes me.”

Explaining the concept behind SUPERFICIAL Tilly says : “Everything that we see through our eyes is ‘real’ and expected. I wanted to oppose this in all ways I know possible . Whether it be cartoon characters posing in a way that you would never expect, or various extinct animals drinking from a bottle of wine, these paintings are to make you giggle at the bizarre concepts I have created in my mind, and flatten the concept of ‘real’.”

The exhibition runs from Saturday 10 February until Sunday 18 February and is open daily from 10:30am until 4pm.

Event location

The Malthouse Gallery

The Town Mill
Lyme Regis