Large landslide at Black Ven, east of Lyme Regis

Thursday 18th November 2021
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Rocks and mud have fallen during a significant landslide at Black Ven, east of Lyme Regis, a site that is prone to movement and popular with fossil hunters.

The large landslide occurred on 11th November in an area which experiences the largest mudslides in Europe. It’s here that Mary Anning found amazing fossils that helped to change our understanding of the history of the earth forever.

With each landslip a multitude of fossils are delivered onto the beach, with budding palaeontologists in search of the spiral-shaped ammonite treasures, the fossil remains of 185-million-year-old sea creatures.

It should always be remembered that the cliffs are extremely dangerous and that safe fossil hunting is done away from the cliffs amongst the fallen rocks that lie on the beach. When you are planning a fossil hunt, always check the tides.