Stand Up Paddle Boarding


Stand Up Paddle Boarding is one of the world's fastest growing water-based activities, its accessibility, versatility, and health benefits have contributed to its widespread appeal.

Offering something for everyone with the basics are easy to learn, SUP paddleboarding offers a unique vantage point to enjoy beautiful coastline around Lyme Regis while getting a strenuous core work out that keeps you in shape.

SUP paddleboarding is described as a symphony of balance, combining physical prowess and mental focus. As you gracefully glide across the sea’s surface you’ll be engaging your core muscles, enhancing your overall strength and stability. This full-body workout keeps you fit while providing a rewarding challenge that leaves you yearning for more.

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP) can be launched anywhere along the main beach and the coastal waters are perfect to be explored by board by beginners and pros alike.

If you’re new to paddleboarding, getting the right kit is key. Choose a board according to your weight and the style of paddling you intend to do. You’ll also need a few accessories – such as a leash to keep you connected to the board if you fall off and a flotation device to keep you safe if things go awry.

Advice from Lyme Regis Harbour Master is to stay within the swim line area which is marked with a series of yellow buoys which run from the North wall of the Cobb across the main beach, parallel to Marine Parade and Church Cliff. The eastern end of the swim line is marked with an orange buoy.

If you plan to paddle outside of the swim line then you’ll need to wear a personal buoyancy aid, carry a means of calling for help and make sure people know you’re going out and when you expect to return.

You are not permitted to paddleboard in the harbour, across the Harbour Mouth or in the vicinity of the mooring pontoons.

When there is an offshore wind, that is when the wind direction is blowing from beach to sea, be extremely cautious as you can be quickly blown out to sea.

You can hire a board on the seafront and it’s also highly recommended to get a paddleboard lesson before venturing out for the first time.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding