Pebble Beach (Cobb Gate Beach)

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The eastern section of Town Beach is pebbled and stretches from the Sandy Beach to Cobb Gate.

During coastal protection works, which were completed in 2007, the beach was extended by 20-30 metres out to sea and built up by 3 metres to be level with Cart Road in order to absorb wave energy and provide protection to the buildings on Marine Parade.  70,000 tonnes of shingle from the Isle of Wight was used to replenish the beach.

During extreme low tides a craggy expanse of limestone rock known as 'Lucy's Ledge' becomes exposed along the entire stretch of beach.

This section of the beach is well-served by refreshment kiosks, cafes and restaurants, so you can plan your day knowing that you’ll be close to everything you need.

The pebbled section of Town beach is separated from the Sandy area by a large concrete jetty. 


Pebble Beach (Cobb Gate Beach)
Marine Parade
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