Sandy Beach

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The Sandy beach is a beautiful expanse of pristine golden sand offering the quintessential seaside experience. Beachgoers go to sunbathe, paddle, swim and make sandcastles while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

During peak season it is raked every day, supervised by lifeguards and has toilets, showers, food and drink outlets, and ice cream vendors nearby, making it a perfect family friendly beach.

The beach is sheltered by the harbour and does not get completely covered at high tide.

Dogs are allowed off lead on this beach between October and April, inclusive.

During coastal protection works in 2006, 30,000 tonnes of sand to replenish the beach was shipped from France. Nick Browning who was the lead engineer at the time commented: “It just wasn't possible to get the right sort of sand in the UK. We needed a grain of a certain particle size to stop it from being washed away. It also has to be the right colour. We looked at sand in the UK but found it did not have the correct properties we needed." 


Sandy Beach
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