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Chimney Rock - Ware Cliffs - Lyme RegisChimney Rock is located to the west of Lyme Regis at Ware Cliffs as you cross from Dorset into Devon. It is an interesting geological feature of chert stone which juts out from the cliff. 

The extensive foliage, particularly in the summer months, prevents there being much view from Chimney Rock unlike times gone by where old postcards indicate there was an impressive view of the Cobb and along the coastline from this elevated position.

You’ll find Chimney Rock by following the well-defined coast path in the direction of Seaton via the Undercliff either from the far end of Holmbush car park or from the path which starts near the bowling green in Monmouth beach car park. Follow the path through Ware Cliffs and you’ll come across a gate into an area known as The Crow's Nest, passing a farmhouse before heading into trees again and entering the Axmouth - Lyme Regis Undercliff. Shortly you’ll come across a signpost marked Chimney Rock that leads off the Coast Path and will rise steeply up the escarpment of the Undercliff in the direction of Ware Farm. The journey to the rock stack involves climbing a number of steep steps with a sheer drop to one side.

The landmark has aroused curiosity for years, for instance George Roberts's 1823 history of Lyme Regis describes it as follows:
“Chimney Rock (which takes its name from a near resemblance to a house with a chimney on it) appears to the right, projecting from the cliff, and is covered with ivy and mistletoe of the most luxuriant growth. Parties, in their rambles, frequently call in at the dairy-house to take syllabubs.”


Chimney Rock