Pinhay Bay

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Pinhay Bay is situated southwest of Lyme Regis and is accessible on foot at low tide, approximately a 1.5-mile walk along the beach from the Cobb.

The journey from Lyme is slightly arduous over firm boulders and exposed bedrock, with just a few stretches of loose pebbles and coarse sand. Start from the Cobb and head west in the direction of Monmouth beach, passing the Ammonite Pavement and Seven Rock Point before you reach Pinhay Bay.

A feeling of solitude pervades Pinhay Bay due to its secluded location. 

If planning to walk along the beach to Pinhay Bay, remember to check the tides. Start the walk approximately two hours before low tide to give you time to get there and back.

The cliffs at Pinhay Bay are an interesting geological feature, forming the Triassic - Jurassic boundary. White Lias rocks of the Triassic period are at the base of the cliff while above is Blue Lias of the Jurassic period. The boundary between the Jurassic and Triassic rocks is about 2.5m above the top of the White Lias.

There has long been slow landslide movement over the cliffs at Pinhay Bay resulting in mud, rock, bushes, and trees sliding over the cliff top and descending to the shore. 


Pinhay Bay