Guided Fossil Walks


Taking a walk along the beach in Lyme Regis and stumbling across a fossil that dates back hundreds of millions of years is a fun, exhilarating and fantastic experience for all ages.

The chances of finding a fossil are variable, dependent on individual skill, patience and a slice of luck. You can increase the odds of finding a specimen by taking one of the guided fossil walks led by local expert guides and geologists.

When you take a guided fossil walk the guide will share their knowledge and help you discover your own fossils to take home, most likely an ammonite or belemnite, but you never know, you may uncover the next big find!

Most fossil walks take place on Lyme’s fossil rich East Beach by Black Ven. You’ll be walking in the footsteps of famous fossil hunter Mary Anning who discovered the first Ichthyosaur known to science.

Most guides offer private fossil walks, which means you book the fossil guide for the exclusive use of your family or group or you can join a public walk alongside others.

Fossil walks are a great way to keep the kids entertained during the weekends or school holidays, they’ll delight at the thrill of the hunt.

By joining a guided fossil walk you’ll also be ensuring your safety as guides will schedule a walk at the optimum time when the tide is falling plus they’ll stay away from the face of the fast-eroding cliffs which are liable to collapse without warning. Instead, your hunt for fossils will be on the beach and shoreline in the shingle where you’re more likely to find fossils that are well preserved.

Guided Fossil Walks
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